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Why Rivers Need to Flow — High and Low — Again

Restoring Rivers by Restoring Flooding

Dying for the Ganges: A Scientist Turned Swami Risks All

आज सुबह आस्था टी वी पर बाबा रामदेव बजट पर व्याख्यान कर रहें थे उसी दौरान उन्हिने नदी जोड़ योजना कि प्रसंशा कि और इसे  देश हित में बताया .बहुत निराशा हुई ......अब यह बाबा रामदेव कि विषय पर क्म्जनकारी कि वजह से है या ...........निहित स्वार्थ तत्व जो भारत के लूटने कि नई नई कहले चलते रहते है उनका प्रभाव बाबा तक पहुँच गया है .........क्या कारण है कि बाबा रामदेव भारत विनाश और लूट कि इस परियोजना का समर्थन कर रहें हैं ...................... गँगा बचाओं देश बचाओ ................

Former IIT Professor on a Fast unto Death for Ganga

Bangalore: Hundreds of students mastered the lessons on hydel projects under his tutelage and today this man of science is on a fast undo death to save Ganga.

80-year-old Professor GD Agrawal formerly served as the head the department of civil and environmental engineering at IIT-Kanpur. Hailing from a farming family in Kandhla, Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh; he completed his primary and secondary schools from local schools and graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Roorkee, which is now IIT Roorkee. It was with the Uttar Pradesh state Irrigation Department where he began his professional career. Later, he earned a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from theUniversity of California at Berkeley.

Raised to be deeply religious and educated to be rigorously scientific, GD Agrawal embraced sanyasa and was known Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand ever since.  His campaign is spear-headed by the Ganga Sewa Abhiyanam, an organization fighting to preserve the heri…